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GAMBLING           Text:  James 4:17

Gambling is not something that is new. Its influence great, especially as local and state governments promote it. As Christians we don’t gamble in any way, that includes playing the lottery, buying raffle tickets, playing Bingo or cards for money. The reasons are biblical and simple. 

Reason One: We don’t believe in chance. In Colossians 1:16,17, we learn the LORD is the Creator and Sustainer. He is sovereign over all. He is in control of all things.  No, we don’t believe in chance, nor do we promote it. We trust in the LORD. 

Reason Two: We don’t believe it is right to do wrong in order to do right (Rom.3:8). The school raffle ticket maybe for a good cause, but it promotes gambling and that is wrong (Jam.4:17). It also may cause more serious gambling in one’s life later and that would be wrong (1 Cor.8:9). 

Reason Three: We don’t believe in defrauding people (2 Cor.7:2, 1 Thes.4:6). Most people, who gamble, are the ones who can lest afford to lose, yet with the enticement of a great win they addictively keep gambling in one form or another. Defraud means to take advantage of one’s weakness (the old sinful nature of man). It is deceitful as the bait that ensnares the animal. Christians are to be helpful not harmful (Jn.13:34,35). 

Reason Four: We don’t believe in partaking in another man’s evil deeds (2 Jn.1:11). We are challenged to let God be our Father, to care and provide for us. In this challenge we are called to separate from unclean things (2 Cor.6:17,18). Further, we are commanded to be holy as He is holy (1 Pet.1:15,16). 

Christians don’t gamble, it’s just that simple. God hates pride arrogance and the evil way (Prov.8:13) and that is what gambling is all about. Christians, don’t promote chance, but rather they promote trust. 

--C.A. Reeves




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